First time going to an escape adventure, it was so much fun and I actually loved the brain teasers and having to think! This place put so much time and effort in the clues, along with the room furnishing, it was like going into a real doctor’s office. Only, I had to escape. lol My team was awesome, we didn’t escape in an hour, but it was such a great experience working with other family members trying! We will be back and we will BRAG if we ever escape! Can’t wait for the Captain Quarter’s and the Court Room to open, I hear that is going to be awesome too! Can’t wait! Thanks to the owners Shawn and Sally, it was an awesome experience and your hospitality was great! You made us all feel great during the process and telling us what a great job we had done.

Review By: Linda Tyson Mullis

Incredibly put together. I had a great time and will be going back to try the next room soon!

Review by: James Thompson

Had a great time! Game is very well organized and so much fun!

Review by: Cathy Smith

We had a great time. The Human Experiment was challenging but tons of fun. It was an awesome family experience. The owners were very friendly and welcoming. We will definitely try it again with a different room.

Review By: K. Smith

Very fun and challenging. Didn’t escape but we had so much fun!!

Review By: B. Quirion

Awesome place! Great price!

Review By: J. Santana

5 Stars

Review By: A. Tripplett

One of the best escape rooms we have been to in Charlotte! Owners are super nice and have law enforcement background so we felt safe. The human experiment room was awesome! We will definitely be back!!!

One of the best escape rooms we have been to in Charlotte! Owners are super nice and have law enforcement background so we felt safe. The human experiment room was awesome! We will definitely be back!!!

Review By: C. Frye

I had my 12 year olds birthday party there tonight. Staff was extremely friendly. The girls are already asking to go back to try the other room. It was a blast.

Review By: M. Daniels

Our group of friends have done a few rooms in other businesses but this room was by far the best. It was the most creative, exciting and challenging room in charlotte. The clues were incredibly creative and we had so much fun. I highly recommend checking it out and we already have plans to go back. You will not be upset.

Review By: Meg R.

So much fun! Had a wonderful time trying to escape. Love spending time with my family. I recommend Escape Risk if you want to have a great time . Great people there, thanks Shawn we really enjoyed talking to you #dirtyhalfdozen.

Review By: Dirty Half Dozen

Just found this place a few weeks ago, played one room and beta tested their latest one. Thoroughly enjoyed both trips to Escape Risk. The owners are awesome and definitely love puzzles. We have been to many escape rooms where there isn’t enough to keep a large group engaged, but their escape rooms definitely are good at making sure that there aren’t people just standing around doing nothing. Not to mention, they had a few puzzles that we’ve never seen before in the room, so that was a big plus. We can’t wait till their next room is done. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s a theme we’ve never heard of, so we’re excited to see what it looks like!

Review By: javert001

It Was soooo much fun!! I really enjoyed the experience and it was very exhilarating!! The staff was very friendly and kind!! The hour went by so fast and the set up was challenging and well worth the time and investment!! I highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about having a fun night out with family or friends!! We will be going back to do the Captains Quarters!! We had such a blast lots of laughter and lots of screams!!

Review By: Chelsea

The room was very well thought out. Puzzles were hard, but the guy running the place was with amazing with tips that didn’t give away the answers. We beat the room with 58 seconds to go. Definitely going back!

Review By: Kandace

This was the most fun I have had in a while! The people were phenomenal and it made the experience even more enjoyable! If you like giving yourself a challenge definitely do this! I sure can’t wait to do it again!

Review By: Shelly

I went here for my birthday and I absolutely LOVED it. It was my first time ever going to an escape room type of thing. The people who run it are amazing and so sweet! The room was complicated but so much fun! It had a very interesting story which made it even more fun. I highly highly recommend this place!

Review By: Krista
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