How It Works

Arrive 15 Minutes Before Your game

Get Locked In For 60 Minutes

Solve Clues and Puzzles to Escape

Who Can Play


Escape Risk is ideal for Family and Friends to spend time bonding and having a good time as you work as team to solve riddles and puzzles to escape in time. Escape Risk is a family friendly atmosphere where no one is left out when it comes to having fun!


In town for a vacation, or just passing through for the night, What better way to spend an hour than at Escape Risk. Great way to meet local people while your in town. Book today!


Escape Risk offers Businesses a way to experience a new corporate team building activity. During the Escape, colleagues will have to use their mental and observational skills collectively as time ticks down from 60 Minutes to zero. Co-workers will get to know each other a lot better as they work together to escape the room. This kind of team building brings colleagues closer together and generates a sense of achievement amongst the team. We can accommodate parties of 24 colleagues at one time, split between our three rooms. We offer corporate discounts. Contact Escape Risk today!

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