The Human Experiment

You were referred to see a specialist who practices outside the box. At your appointment while waiting to see him, you hear screaming coming from another room. Today's Dr's appointment is far from routine and you have been involuntarily selected by a psycho Dr. who conducts bizarre experiments on his patients. You have one hour to escape from the office before becoming the next human experiment.

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Captain's Quarters

Welcome Aboard! You and your friends are enjoying a relaxing 7 day 6 night getaway cruise on the fabulous Odessa Cruise line. The Captain is hosting a private tour of his Quarters to you and your party when catastrophe strikes! All your fears are now reality, and you must now rely solely on your puzzle solving skills to rescue yourself and your party from being buried at sea. You have one hour to find the Captains Emergency key card to Escape the Captain's Quarters before the ship sinks. Do you have what it takes to free yourself from the soon to be watery grave?

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Disorder in the Court

You are an elite member on a bomb disposal team and have been dispatched to the courthouse. Upon your arrival, you are briefed of the unusual circumstances surrounding the discovery of the bomb threat. The courthouse has been evacuated, and you and your team enter the courtroom unaware of the twists and turns that await you. You have activated a trip wire and the bomb starts counting down. Tick tick tick tick tick tick....You have an hour to defuse the bomb and escape! Will you receive an accommodation for a job well done or do you object?

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